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About the therapist

Emma is a kind, compassionate, and patient bodyworker and massage therapist who takes into account each client’s individual needs for every single one of their sessions. Each client has different needs at different times, and Emma is equipped to help in each situation. She offers a variety of modalities, including techniques for profound relaxation, deep muscular therapy, stretching and passive movement, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, cupping, hot stones, and more. She curates sounds for each session with a high quality speaker system, from soothing to trance-inducing to energizing, depending on the clients needs and tastes.


Emma loves working with people of all ages, abilities, backgrounds, genders, and cultures. Always a physical person, she excelled as a professional aerial performer and crossfit participant in her twenties, and now in her thirties is refining her yoga practice. These focus areas allow her to understand and work with the body at a high level.


If you choose to come work with Emma, she welcomes you just as you are, with the intention of helping you reach your goals of a balanced body, relaxed mind, and energy to do what you love to do best in your life. A delicate balance of deep muscular and fascial release combined with soothing and flowing therapeutic touch. Emma looks forward to working with you!

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